6 February 2015
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6 February 2015, Comments: 0
New name, new identity.

The FIMA becomes Mtl en Arts

A fresh air begins to blow on FIMA and it all starts with a new name and new identity. From now on FIMA is Mtl en Arts. Remember this : Mtl en Arts.

After fifteen years, we decided to change and modernize our visual identity, create one’s up-to-date. The main objective is to give a stronger visual impact and being easier to identify.

We are pleased to announce our new visual identity created by Maxime Francout, winner of our contest to graphic artists, last November.

Maxime Francout is a talented artist and a prolific designer. He creates minimalist and powerfull images through patterns, typography and abstract drawings. He collaborated to several projects with companies like Ubisoft, Urban Outfitters, Converses, Osheaga Festival, Red Bull. Several publications abroad as PICA magazine, SNAP magazine and fewer exhibitions. He has several prizes among which one recognition by the agency Valley Duhamel as promising emergent artist during Design RDV 2014.

The artist wished to maintain a certain continuity with the previous logo while conferring it a much more contemporary aspect. Furthermore, Mtl en Arts is a festival which caters particularly to artists. This is the reason why it’s essential to preserve a very graphic and artistic aspect. The poster is based on the strength of the logo to make it the main graphic element. Pastels bring a touch of modernity. “Patterns” drawn with brush is used in the background to remind the artistic character of the festival.

Mtl en Arts‘s next edition will take place from July, 1st to July, 5th July. More details to be revealed later .


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