Becoming a partner

Partnership Benefits

Your partnership with the FIMA constitutes a cutting-edge marketing tool for effectively communicating your message to a wide and diversited public. The exceptional environment created by the arts enables partners to attract the attention of the public.Here are a few of the bene.ts you can take advantage from:

  • An opportunity to be affiliated with the arts community;
  • A partnership plan customized for your business;
  • A daily impact through your promotional credits in the form of printed materials (programs, posters, etc.) and other promotional items, as well as through the Festival’s tv advertising and media relations;
  • Enhancement of your company’s reputation through your support of the arts community in general and of the artists in particular - all within the framework of a global movement that is turning Montreal into a leading cultural centre.

Your Partnership with Mtl en Arts' festival also offers you the following options:

  • A booth on the Festival’s site;
  • Sponsorship of a street section;
  • Presentation of a selection of your products on site;
  • Promotion and direct interaction with visitors on site;
  • Sponsorship of AN ACTIVITY : urban art, my first gallery (project for kids), Contemporary experiences etc..;
  • Presentation of an award to an artist on behalf of your company;
  • Visibility on the various promotional items (t-shirts, etc...).