Registration and information - Plaza St-Hubert

Exhibition - Sale: Mtl en Arts settle in the Plaza

From Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th / 3 days


Mtl en Arts, in collaboration with the SDC (Société de Développement Commercial / Society of Buisness Development) of the Plaza St-Hubert, is proud to announce that the exhibition dedicated to visual arts is back on St-Hubert street as part of its sidewalk sale.

The SDC wanted to join in Mtl Arts as part of its 39th sidewalk sale to create unifying experiences, cultural and festive for customers and residents of the neighborhood. The event, already composed of circus and musical performances, have seen a natural connection to host a visual arts component through its theme '' For the street arts '' and wanted to enlist an experienced partner to receive the 80 000 people expected for each day.

Mtl en Arts will take up an area reserved for artists on St-Hubert street between Beaubien and Bellechase. Several cultural establishments are in the neighbourhood as Renaud Bray, Lozeau or Art Gang'a gallery. Great location for great sales. Twenty artists in visual arts will exhibit their work, allowing interaction between the public and them without any intermediaries. To achieve the objectives of local purchases and promotion of artists in its community, 15% of selected artists will come from the district Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie.

Friday, August 18th from 11:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday, August 19th from 11:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday, August 20th from 11:00am to 5:00pm

EXPO&SALE / REGISTRATION 2017 - Deadline : July, 30TH, 2017



PANEL 6'H x 8'L

  • Panel 6'H x 8'L : Including 2 weighs to maintain your panel. It will be settled on the sidewalk. The glass roof of Plaza St-Hubert will serve you as shelter in case of rain.
  • Identification : the panel will be numbered and identified with your name and city.
  • WEB Promotion : you will have a full page on Mtl en Art’s Web site, including a photo of one of your works, your artist statement, a hyperlink and/or e-mail.
Fill the entry form online and send it with the following documents:

.:. 8 photos of your works Each image should represent the work you intend to show at the exhibition
Digital photos (JPG - 300dpi)
Minimal size : 500 px (height or width) / maximal size= : 1 000 px (height or width)
Procedure to name each photo presented : ARTIST'S NAME - ARTWORK NUMBER

.:. List of works - Include the size, medium and title of each work in the photos on the online entry form.

.:. Curriculum vitae

.:. Artist Statement - short text (max 10 lines).

.:. Registration fees - non-refundable payment of 25 $CAD via Paypal after having submitted your application. or send a cheque on behalf of SPDAC at the following address: SPDAC / 576 rue Sainte-Catherine est, H2L 2E1, Montreal (Qc)

Your application will be evaluated by a selection committee according to the quality and originality of the submitted work.

To insure diversity, we select in equitable proportions works from various categories and artistic styles.

The artists will be informed of the decision by mail.

The decisions taken by the committee are final.

Future exhibitors will receive the letter of acceptance by post along with an invoice for the selected installation type in the course of the week of the selection

The invoice must be paid before August, 4th, 2017

The artist will have the option to pay by cheque, money order or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).
Around August, 9th, 2015You will receive a kit which includes information about your participation :

information about your participation :

.:. location of the exhibition space,

.:. booth number,

.:. schedule of arrival,

.:. etc...


The artworks must be originals and conceived by the artist.(A minimal quantity of by-products is accepted).
L'artiste doit être présent pendant l’exposition. Un espace ne peut pas être partagé entre plusieurs artistes.
Only one artist per booth.
All the works must be for sale.
No commissions or taxes will be collected by the promotor. The artist takes responsibility for sales taxes.
The festival’s insurance does not cover losses or damages to the works caused by fire, theft, vandalism and flood, nor the risks related to transport. The exhibitor will have to sign the entry form in order to disclaim the event 'Mtl en arts' and the SPDAC
No penalty on refund until August 4th, 2017

EXPO&SALE / REGISTRATION 2017 - Deadline : July, 30th, 2017