SPDAC / Société de Promotion et de Diffusion des Arts et de la Culture : The SPDAC is a non-profit organisation responsible for the best promotion possible of québécois and Canadian artists through events such as the Festival Montréal en Arts. The main goal of the Festival is to promote art works of québécois and canadian artists and give them privileged access to :

  • The general public;
  • The business people community (sponsoring of artists to help them achieve top sales potential);
  • Private investors and both levels of government (federal and provincial);
  • Local and foreign gallery owners (Canada, USA, Europe).


By organizing the FIMA every year, SPDAC wishes to bring closer together local and international artists with local residents, visitors from Quebec, Canada and abroad. Artists are often isolated in their studio; their works are generally presented in art galleries and not seen by the great majority of people. Thanks to this great outdoor festivity, visual arts not only become more accessible to the general public, but people can actually come in direct contact with the artists, and participate to a true exchange. The Centre-Sud neighbourhood is well-known for its terraces, its nightlife and boutiques, but during the FIMA, the Village also becomes a meeting place for art lovers and amateurs, artists and creators, tourists and summer strollers. To carry out this democratisation and demystifying of visual arts, the SPDAC works closely with the SDC-Village and collaborates with commercial and political instances, as well as community organizations of Montreal and the Centre-Sud.


The 16th Montréal en Arts Festival (FIMA) will take place July 1st - July 5, 2015 on Ste-Catherine street East, entirely closed to automobile traffic between Saint-Hubert and Papineau. More than 120 artists specializing in the visual arts will again this year be part of the Festival.